Spanish Latrovada

By 04 March 2021

Arthur Schopenhauer, the man who described music as “the food of the soul”, says: “[it has always been said that music is the language of feeling and of passion and words are the language of reason](”. This is a testament to the fact that music has always had a soothing hand over the way people react emotionally and also physically. It is then safe to say he was right to have described music as he did as it has played a greater part in the emotional well-being of many individuals. Music is sometimes required as therapy in some mental health issues. We are going to discuss a Spanish form of music through the band La Trovada.

Spanish Music

With great influence on the Latin American Music, Spanish music is mostly linked with traditional styles such as flamenco and the classical guitar. There are various musical and dance styles across the region, such as: mambo, tango, rumba, merengue, cha cha cha and salsa. The Mediterranean also influenced Spanish music and style with the coming of the Roman rule which brought the music and ideas of ancient Greece.

There has been over two thousand years of both internal and external influences on Spanish music as a result, produced various numbers of unique musical traditions. Like with the growth of many important things, the Spanish music industry suffered a great deal under the regime of Francisco Franco even though Spanish pop music is currently flourishing.

Music from other parts of the world, especially America’s and British music such as rock and roll had great influence on the Spaniards and their musicians. This made Spain the largest Latino music market in the world, encompassing the Latin America music industry.

Musical Band

Before the digital production of music as we know it now, music has always been performed and is still performed life by a group of musical experts referred to as a bandA musical band is a group of people that perform music together like an Orchestra or Jazz Quartets. It consists mainly of musical instruments to vocal groups such as the choir and doo wops.

Some different types of bands include: Boy band, all-female band, big band, christian band, church band, concert band, garage rock band, heavy metal band, Jazz band, marching band, military band, school band, Orchestra, studio band, etc.

Now, we are going to present one of the most popular music bands in Spain: La Trovada!

La Trovada

La Trovada is a Spanish boy band based in Spain. The band is made of about 5 members playing harmonious melodies to the guitar and singing poetic lyrics that are both pleasing and sonorous in an aesthetic way.

La Trovada pride themselves with performing mind and soul pleasing music to their audience/listeners or rather, what their audience demand. La Trovada translated into English, simply means “roaring thunder”. We can confidently say that their music has been greatly influenced by Western music style, especially: pop music, rock n roll, hip-hop and jazz music. La Trovada came from an ancient line of Spanish musicians, “Travadores.”


Trova isa style of music to have originated from Cuban popular music. It was created by natural born talented musicians known as Travadores. These musicians travel round the country and earner their living by singing and playing the guitar, singing original songs written by themselves and accompanied by the guitar.

They mostly played music that always had a touch of poetry in it. They could fit perfectly the singers of boleros and similarly, the Afro Cubans signing funky sones. They played an important part in the growth of Cuban popular music and have thrived well as gargantuan composers providing a pedestal for many later musicians especially musical bands such as theirs.

Trovadors usually work in pairs and in three’s but as their musical popularity grew in large proportion, many trovadors joined to form a large group. In so doing, their guitar-playing technique gradually improved since early trovadors were self-taught. The trova movement birthed offshoots which has seen the growth of Spanish music in Spain and many Latin American countries. The offshoots include:

  • Huge number of lyrical compositions.
  • Unforgettable musical compositions which set the standard for Spanish/Latin American Music.
  • The expansion of guitar techniques in popular music.

With the thriving of Spanish music on international level, many non-speakers of Spanish have grown to love Spanish acts and their music. [It is especially big in Dubai]( With many incorporating the Spanish musical style with other styles to produce great music and have been widely accepted on world stages. The likes of Shakira, Enrique Iglesias, Ricky Martin, Rosalia, Jennifer Lopez, and Julio iglesias.

We also have Alejandro Sanz and quite recently. Daddy Yankee the “Despacito” crooner. Some other Spanish bands that have created soothing melodies in our ears include: Moral, Sin Bandera, Café Tacula, Telerad Donoso, La Orega de Van Gogh, CNCO, Playa Libo and Matisse. These are only a few of the many sonorous musicians to have incorporated their Spanish heritage into their music setting a pedestal for the many to come after them.