La Trovada Daily

By 04 March 2021

A musical band came together in 2006 to deliver good music to Spanish citizens. This article hopes to share the daily lives of band members of the respected musical group: La Trovada.

Alberto Murillo and Javier Vicente

Albert Murillo Aguirre

He is popularly known as the general of the group. He plays solo and percusión. A typical day for this musician sets early around 6 am. He starts his day with a hot cup of coffee and then checks his emails and phone messages. He jogs around his safe neighborhood for at least 45 minutes. After getting back home, he spends a few hours booking shows and reconciling bank accounts. Albert loves taking bread or pizza at breakfast. After breakfast, he goes to his private studio for some music practice.

In the afternoon, he spends a few hours gambling online. His favourite game is poker and baccarat. Done with online gambling, he visits friends and band members. He then moves on to the pool for some refreshing swim and retires home. Sometimes he gambles a little before sleeping or just listens to some music.

Javier Vincente

A talented Baritone and Baridurria musician. Javier’s days start around 8 am, yes he doesn’t joke with his sleep. With the absence of any event, he soaks himself into the virtual world of social media. He has many social accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Chats with friends and upload some of the latest band’s music. Around 11, Javier takes his bath and starts rehearsals.

Sometimes he practises alone, other times he practises with his neighbour, who is also a musician. In the afternoon, he spends some time gambling on horse racing and online soccer bet. In the evening, he spends some time watching football. He sometimes takes his family to the concert and eats some late dinner at the local kitchen. He retires home to watch some soap operas before sleeping.

Sergi Fernández and Ricard Jordana

Sergi Fernández

A Tenor and Bandurria specialist. His morning starts with him, taking his dog out for an early morning walk. After that, Sergi makes some calls to his band members and family.

Gambling is a sport for Sergi. He has several online accounts with online casino sites where he plays video poker and keno. Most of his afternoon is filled with practice and sightseeing. In the evening, he practises in a secluded spot at home. He then eats dinner, listens to some news, and sleeps off.

Ricard Jordana

With Ricard, it is all about percusión. He plays it like he is born with it. A bit of an introvert, he mostly spends his time at home or with close associates.

He listens to music early in the morning before checking out the latest news on the internet. He has his breakfast and spends some time with close pals. At noon, Ricard plays football with local associates before going home. A private gambler, he spends most of his evening playing video poker and craps online. When he is tired, he has dinner, and off he is to bed.

Alfredo Fernández and Carlos Quesada

Alfredo Fernández

A professional tẹno, clarinet, and trumpet player. Alfred days start around 9 in the morning when he takes his bicycle out for a ride. He comes back around one hour and freshens up.

He listens to popular international news like CNN and Aljazeera. Around 12, alfredo practices in his local studio before going off to his friend’s place for some online games. His favourite is roulette. He plays till late in the evening, before retiring quietly home.

Carlos Quesada

Carlos’s specialty is Baritone and bass. He is a familiar man with a very predictable itinerary. In the absence of shows and events, he spends most time at home. Talks politics with his brothers and uncles. Takes his family to the local park in the afternoon. Carlos loves playing video poker. When he brings his family back home, he goes to his room to gamble online.

In the evening, he takes a few French classes, plays chess with close associates before going back home to meet his family.

Jordi D and Antonio

Jordi D

If you want to meet someone with good skills in Baritone and percusión, then Jordi is for you. For Jordi, writing is his passion, so, understandably, he wakes up early to write songs.

He does this till 8 or 9 in the morning. He then practises some songs with friends. Carlos takes a little nap in the afternoon. When he wakes up, he plays online roulette and dice on his mobile phone.

In the evening, he checks on close family members, has dinner at a local Café, and goes to bed.


A highly skilled Baritone and guitar artist. The lively young man loves his life. He plays games early in the morning on his laptop before practice. He loves virtual soccer and tennis.

Antonio is a smart lad who plays scrabble with his friends. A typical morning, he takes rice before going to the gallery for some art seeing. He goes back home and continues online gambling before walking home to listen to music.

We have explained the vivid day-to-day living lives of these band members of La Trovada. They are one of the best bands you can listen to in Spain.