BIO La Trovada

By 04 March 2021

The biography of icons tends to motivate individuals that, when there is life, there is hope. This article will explain the profile of the band members of a popular musical band in Spain: La Trovada.

Alberto Murillo Aguirre

Popularly known as the leader and general of the band, Alberto was born in Barcelona to Spanish parents. He was a curious kid from time and loved music since childhood. However, he didn’t start music early because his parents were very strict when it comes to education. His primary and tertiary education were in logrones.

Due to lack of enough jobs, he moved to Madrid for a better life. He started doing menial jobs to survive. He was able to save some money for university where he met his band members.

His favourite foods are Jamon Iberico and paella. He likes writing a lot and is viewed as a deep thinker and possess leadership skills. He loves playing online games and swimming.

Carlos Quintero Quesada

Carlos grew up iná, a small town in Albacete. However, his parents were originally from Cuba but migrated to Spain due to political tensions in their home country. He is popularly called Carlos also bachata merengue.

He is a fan favourite due to his closeness to the locals. His favourite football club is Real Madrid. Carlos loves music, and his favourite songs are from Grupa extra, Oscar De Leon, and conjunto afinkao.

Because of his aspiration, he moved to Sociedad, where he harnesses his musical skills. One of his most loved book is El principito. He has a daughter from his previous relationship, and her name and is Yumaisi Quintero.

Javier Vicente

Javier came from a humble beginning. His parents are originally from a small town in Elche. However, they later moved to Madrid to better their living conditions.

He was regarded as someone dull when he was young due to his constant failures in academic lessons; however, when he moved to higher education he gained back his confidence.

His hubbies are chess and online gaming. He planned to become a reverend father, but as fate will have it, he became a member of the famous band: La Trovada. Although he looks reclusive, he is a joy to behold in music. He is an expert in bandurria and Baritone.

Sergi Fernández

Sergi, as he is popularly called in his hometown of Miranda, is a professional music player. His love for the tenor, Bandurria, and laud are underrated. Music runs in his family, as his grandparents are one of the most respected members of the town choir.

His favourite foods are Gazpacho and salmorejo. He is an art lover and believes in the protection of animals. His parents love horse racing. He is an avid Barcelona fan and has gone to watch most of their games. His hobbies are travelling and farming.

Ricard Jordana

A gentleman that grew up. In a small town in Sabadell. His parents were both Christians; however is religion is inconclusive. From his childhood, he has always been a talented fellow. Most pupils in his primary school look at him as an odd fellow, but this didn’t stop the young fellow from blossoming.

He attended the Catalonia College of music, and after graduating thought he will be a choirmaster. As fate will have it, he met a group of talented individuals who will shape his life for the better.

Jordana has had some collaborations with top musical lends in Spain and France he is one to watch out for in the future.

Alfredo Fernández

Popularly called Alfred, Jewish parents raised him in the small town of Valladolid. He was fascinated by top Spanish musicians and that time and kept on practicing becoming better in the music industry.

His favourite food includes chorizo and croquetas. At one time of life, he attended Macrolane de Montserrat school, where he harnesses his musical prowess. He later moved to Valencia to do some odd jobs which he used to support his family. He has collaborations with top European stars to gain a worldwide reputation.

Jordi D

Jordi grew up in a remote town in Castello. Although known of his family members to have music history, he was determined to prove that music was profitable.

His mom, Sonia did not appreciate his early musical life because she believed that music is for lazy people. However, Jordi proved her wrong by winning several musical contests in and out of school.

Though he didn’t make much money initially, his perseverance that music will make him high paid off when he attended lessons at the conservatory of iliria. The latter put him through, and like they say, and the rest is history.


A very lively fellow who didn’t have it rosy from the start. He grew up in a small village in leaves. His parents were peasant farmers, and they struggled to send him to school.

His humble beginning did not deter Antonio, and he always put his best in all endeavours. Antonio’s favourite food is picks, carocoles, and games al guajillos. Antonio’s family after disagreeing with his musical love, later agreed that he should join La Trovada, where he has been an instant success story.

We have tried our best to give a concise biography of band members of the revered La Trovada musical group.