La Trovada to Perform Live at Irish Casinos

By 04 March 2021

La trovada irish casino
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Music, no matter the language it is sung, is soul lifting and can be fun-filled for listeners. If you feel sad, listening to melodic soul-inspiring music will lift your mood and make you joyful. Spanish music has continued to evolve from the traditional classical guitar and flamenco through the influence of the Greek, British and American cultures making Spain the hub of Latin American music. This post brings you the band La Trovada billed to perform live in Irish Casinos, their music and what to expect from the show, and how bands perform in land-based casinos. A photojournalist from the online casino and betting news site “” will be joining the band to document their live shows. you can look out for the upcoming article on their site by clicking here.

La Trovada to Perform Live at Irish Casinos

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The Irish enjoy all types of gambling, but the 1956 Irish Gaming and Lotteries Act, banned land-based casinos though online casinos are legal. However, the law allows citizens to bet in horseracing, and lotteries and some loopholes make private gaming clubs or informal casinos legal.

Knowing that land-based casinos are illegal, the next best place for La Trovada to perform will be in online casinos that can be broadcast live for players and the audience.

Another place is the private member’s gaming clubs, who are allowed by law to operate and offer casino gaming activities that enable gamblers to play Blackjack, Roulette, and Punto Banco. Until the law is amended to permit a proper brick and mortar casino opening in Ireland, La Trovada must perform in Ireland’s existing types of casinos.

Their Music and What to Expect From the Show

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La Trovada, when translated into English, means roaring thunder, is a Spanish youngster band made up of about eight uniquely gifted members, was formed in 2006. Albert Murillo Aguirre is the leader of the group. The band performs soul-satisfying music influenced by pop rock-n-roll and jazz and hip-hop music.

The Spanish music is mellow, and La Trovada music will soothe your soul as it blends mellifluous songs in a poetic lyrical style with the guitar in beautiful renditions. Its audiences would enjoy the performance of their songs and could request songs they want to listen to.

Like the Trovadors of old, the group is versatile and have loads of gentle songs, inspired by the band’s Spanish traditions to play for attendees.

How the Music Band managed to perform in land-based Casinos

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Casinos have specific music genres in their large theaters and showrooms and the band’s music category must match it. Some common themes are western, while casinos that own bars and restaurants allow jazz, Irish music, pop, walking violin players, country, and rock dance bands.

To be featured, La Trovada contacted the casino’s entertainment or marketing managers, who usually liaise with booking agents to get a musician to perform in their casinos.

Hobbies of the Band Members

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Almost all the La Trovada band members play in the online casino game for leisure, starting from Albert whose hobby includes playing online poker, baccarat, and swimming.

Javier bets on horseracing and online soccer, Sergi loves gambling on video poker and keno. Richard, on the other hand, loves video poker, and craps. Carlos bets on video poker and Jordi enjoys roulette and dice. At the same time, Antonio plays virtual soccer and tennis, and Alfredo enjoys monitoring the International news on CNN and Aljazeera.